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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Oct 1, 2020

It's hard to say which is sweeter about Jackson - the epic fishing, or the honey hole of amazing women anglers. This week we speak to one of the staples of that community, Clairey Grubbs. Fly-fishing is the even keel of Clairey's life, and she talks about what it's like to be a part of her community and raise her son in the same lifestyle. Plus, we talk about dutch oven cooking at hunt camp, winning yourself a husband after cooking an amazing sea bass, and what it's like to learn from your significant other (or not).

2:00 If your phone goes overboard on a night-time fishing trip, try calling it. You might see the screen light up under the water, and it'll work well enough go on a podcast successfully in the coming days #truestory

4:00 Clairey Grubbs of Lady Anglers of Wydaho, and Stripping for a Cure (and many more things)

5:00 A fisherwoman with no fish recipes! Catch-and-release life

6:00 Wooing your husband over a sea bass carcass. #hot

8:00 How many of us identify as being 1/4 cowgirl + 1/4 hippie + 1/4 redneck + 1/4 princess?

12:00 Getting hooked on fishing at age 4 - it started with a boy and hooking that first whopper

13:00 When fishing is the even keel the rest of your life needs

15:00 The great spiritual conversion from spin-fishing to fly-fishing

16:30 Humanities Montana toolkits - the social grease you need to have those deep, interesting, important conversations

18:00 "Grounding" - bring yourself back to center

21:00 The 'high' of fly-fishing is being mellow

24:00 Totally ok not to learn from someone you're dating, AND, the mind-blowing revelation of how easy it can be to learn from other women

27:00 Insta/FB friends CAN become real friends

30:00 Teaching your kids to fish... magic + frustration

34:00 Want to get your kids into something you're into? Best advice: Don't push it too hard... or you risk creating resentment 

36:00 Breastfeeding + fly fishing

37:00 On kids and water -- you have to trust in your gut what feels right for your family

37:00 Another tip for raft/baby life? Bring rocks for throwing. Lots of rocks. And sticks. 

39:00 The dragonfly's anatomy as a predator

40:00 Facebook group: Trout-Forum World Leaderboard

41:00 BALA: Badass Lady Anglers (Leaving the 'ass' in badass!)

43:00 United Women on the Fly - an amazing group for connecting women anglers

46:00 Stripping for a Cure helps women who are struggling through breast cancer. Breast cancer is just... it's something we should collectively care about. ('Stripping' is not taking off your clothes in this case!) 

49:00 United Women on the Fly - Clairey's best Insta work

50:00 Stripping for a Cure - huge fundraising for a little Jackson non-profit, which gives to the local hospital's women's fund and oncology department

54:00 Deep-dish cornbread cast-iron pan... total antique treasure!

1:05:00 "It was a mondo-toad, for sure... dinosaur-status..." -- fish stats in guide-speak

1:06:00 SassyMamaOnTheFly - Clairey on Insta

1:13:00 Pheasant and turkeys showing up in Jackson Hole, where they're not supposed to be... good, or bad?

1:15:00 Humanities Montana... get your toolkit!