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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Dec 9, 2021

In the second episode of Artemis' climate series, we're talking about solar energy.  We need a portfolio of solutions to meet our ever-increasing energy demands. Ensuring that an increasing portion of those needs are met by clean energy is a vital part of a resilient grid and a resilient climate. We talk with Michelle Zimmerman, a community solar developer in Colorado. She tells us pretty much everything you want to know about solar energy development - how it works, how sites are chosen, the impact on neighboring wildlife, et cetera. Also: a challenging elk hunt and heated socks.

2:00 Michelle Zimmerman on a past episode about serving on your state's game commission: Game Commissions 101

4:00 Hunting by yourself for the first time

6:00 Stotting vs. pronking

8:00 Tracking a wounded elk all the way back to its herd

11:00 Sunrise should mean more warmth, right? Plus, heated vests

16:00 Sunshare - community solar "gardens"

19:00 Co-operative/community-owned solar projects

25:00 Energy consumption at a household level... do you need everything to be on, all the time?

26:00 NWF Eco-Schools program

30:00 The rise of clean energy isn't a death knell for fossil fuels

32:00 "Our reliance on energy is going up"

36:00 Energy development on private ag lands + wildlife considerations

42:00 Not every place is right for every project

49:00 Being neighbors with a solar field

53:00 Push/pull between energy developers, utilities, public services commissions, landowners - only a fraction of potential solar projects actually get developed

59:00 Build Back Better Act  & the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill both expand clean energy opportunities

1:08 "You can't build solar on really expensive land because the return's not there"

1:10 Where personal impacts add up: Energy, transportation, water, food, waste and fashion

1:14 Heated socks

1:22 Hunter and Angler's Guide to Climate Change

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