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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Aug 19, 2021

The hunting landscape is about 89% male and 97% white. Although there are a number of recruitment/retention groups out there to add to the ranks, we talk about why we need groups for specific demographics -- like Artemis for women, or Hunters of Color for the BIPOC community. Lydia Parker joins us from Hunters of Color to talk about the group's mission -- how they aim to reach out to hunters of color and say, "Yes.. you. This table was made for YOU. Join us."

1:00 What someone names their chickens tells you a lot about them

3:30 Hunters of Color:, on Insta @huntersofcolor, FB - Hunters of Color

5:30 What being a play-by-play baseball commentator teaches you about the hunting scene (and what it's like when sports broadcasting runs in the family)

10:00 Becoming comfortable with firearms as an adult

14:00 How can you tactfully introduce sporting culture to communities traumatized by gun violence? 

15:00 Reframing: Firearms as weapons vs. firearms as tools

16:00 Hunting demographics: about 89% male, 97% white 

18:00 Empathy and education first

20:00 How do groups like Hunters of Color go from idea to fully-fleshed organization? Plus, the early stereotypes that got the ball rolling

23:00 "Is Hunting Too White" by Patrick Durkin

25:00 Community-building & recruiting ambassadors

30:00 There are so many groups/events/organizations that help recruit new hunters... everyone is welcome! So why do we NEED specific groups like Artemis/Hunters of Color? Hunters of Color FAQ

35:00 Author Angela Davis and thoughts on oppression/privilege/inclusivity

36:00 "Everyone can be a better ally to someone else."

40:00 "Generational wealth" also refers to things like family knowledge and culture

42:00 What's the responsibility that comes with owning/knowing your own privilege?

45:00 "Hunting and Fishing in the New South" by Scott Giltner - a book that looks into Black hunters pre- and post-slavery, exclusionary hunting laws, land ownership then and now, and more 

54:00 There's value in having the hard/uncomfortable conversations

55:00 Mentor application on HOC website; And become a Member

58:00 Want to make a difference? Volunteer volunteer volunteer

59:00 Catch Hunters of Color co-founder Jimmy Flatt on NWF Outdoors: Breaking Down Barriers to Entering Hunting

1:02 Those hunts where you suffer? Sometimes they're the most memorable. Fern pollen to the face! 

1:06 Sometimes the fish throw you a bone! Catching one as you're preoccupied elsewhere

1:08 Portugal. The Man  

1:10 Artemis Fly Fishing Tactics... that's a wrap! What should we cover next? Send us a note: And as always, join our Artemis Podcast Facebook group to continue the conversation

Other groups for your radar: Brown Folks Fishing, Outdoor Afro, Queers and Camo , LGBTQ Outdoors