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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Jun 16, 2022

Hunting elk in Oklahoma (yes, Oklahoma) is a relatively new opportunity for sportswomen and men there. Alyssa Bowen joins us to talk about finally drawing a tag in her home state, and she tells us what her elk hunt was like. Spoiler alert: Bowen's hunt was the kind most of us dream about. She spotted elk almost right away, and hunted in a party that included her husband and a close female friend. 

1:00 Those three-figure temps... #eeep

3:00 Sand bass (pssst... Bass Tactics just finished! Keep an eye out for more tactics courses from Artemis)

6:00 "Mrs. Coach" - food support, emotional support, and ripping the occasional umpire 

7:00 The return of elk to Oklahoma

8:00 Controlled elk hunts (and roadside service from management officials!)

11:00 Elk hunts are still very controlled in Oklahoma

12:00 Spoiler alert: Oklahoma has mountains! 

15:00 The physical prep for an elk hunt where you're packing out an animal on foot

19:00 The play-by-play of a controlled elk hunt in a state where it's a non-typical quarry... it starts with a meeting

23:00 Oklahoma has bison, too! 

24:00 Finding elk right away... the BEST start to a hunt

27:00 Taking a pass on the first shot opportunity (and the emotional aftermath)

29:00 You can hunt in totally different states and still completely understand another person's elk-hunting scenario

31:00 The physical nature of an elk hunt... hoofing it valley to valley #theycantravel

33:00 Elk upon elk! It's kind of a dream hunt... when you're aiming for one elk, and another one shows up even closer

36:00 If you're going to shoot again, make sure you know which one you've hit

39:00 Emotional waves... "It just really affected me in a way I was not expecting."

42:00 Knives to packout... about three hours; plus, it helps to have friends

47:00 Elk hide... decisions! (And heavy.)

49:00 Watching a friend's hunt from an opposing ridge, seeing elk all around them and wondering, "DO THEY EVEN KNOW!?"

53:00 Let's celebrate with an ibuprofen, ok? 

56:00 E-scouting: validation for your topography skills

57:00 First fish on the fly! (Pssst... want some fly-fishing tips? Check out last week's episode, where we give you Fly Fishing Tactics for free!)