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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Aug 26, 2021

Texas hunter Hannah Marcom took up hunting with a bow before she ever reached for a firearm. She tells us about that journey in addition to the public-facing work she does in the hunting industry through her Instagram page, @Hannah.The.Plus.Size.Hunter. We talk about choosing gear for function over aesthetics, sweaty sports bras, and garden bounty galore. Plus, when you're from Texas and you tell someone you have "ground hog" in your freezer... sometimes they mistakenly think you mean groundhogs. 

4:00 Texas wild hogs! Or "pigs" in Texas-speak... perennial freezer-fodder in the Lone Star State

6:00 "No matter what hunt I'm on... if I see a pig, it becomes a pig hunt." It's an invasive/abundant species

10:00 Two adult-onset hunters venture into bow-hunting

15:00 Even on non-harvest days in the field... you have the best seat for nature-watching. Plus, working up to your first harvest, step-by-step

18:00 What nudges some of us toward bows over guns?

22:00 Using the red light option on your headlamp heading to the tree stand (and sometimes finding an unexpected set of eyeballs in that light... AH!)

24:00 Ladies, totally ok to have a little cry in the treestand. That wasn't a chupacabra! (Right?)

25:00 Doing the observing vs. being the one who's observable

27:00 Find Hannah on Insta and YouTube Hannah Marcom - there is so much good story and deep thought here

30:00 Realizing you need some camo and having a hard time finding something that fits #imnottheonlyone

34:00 "If you can't try it on, seeing it on someone else's body is the next best thing."

42:00 Sports bras! Check out Hannah's take on this Best Sports Bras... "I have been on a sports bra journey."

46:00 Padding? Zipper? Clasp? Razorback?

48:00 SheFit

50:00 Wool-blend bras for the sweaty hike followed by the cold sit at your hunting spot

59:00 McCall WildFest - Aug. 18

1:04 That expression "the bee's knees" ... it's about pollen pants!