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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Dec 11, 2020

BONUS EPISODE: It's not every day we appropriate the identity of old, bearded white guys... but if we could be Santa (or Oprah) for a day, here's what we'd be stuffing under your tree. From electronic earplugs to a unique dressing tool called the Butt Out, we've got gift picks from Artemis host Marcia Brownlee, Artemis coordinator Ashley Chance, and Artemis ambassador Genevieve Villamizar. By no means a comprehensive list... but who doesn't benefit from learning what's in other folks' equipment quiver?

2:45 - Minimal approach to gear - one set of stuff that crosses all your hobbies outside

3:57 - "Buy the best you can with what you can afford"

5:36 - First gift of the season... electronic earplugs! Yes, it's a thing! Hearing damage is cumulative... every single shot does damage. Great for duck/upland hunters. 

8:25 - Also... buying used earplugs... what does this say about someone!? #tenacious

8:50 - Second gift of the season: A membership at the local shooting range is a total gem of a gift. You get to handle your firearm a lot, you get community, you get practice.

11:20 - Ladies and gentleman... THE INSPIRATION BURRITO

13:22 - An anus extraction contraption! (It's called the Butt Out Dressing Tool)

16:20 - Let's talk books: Jim Harrison's "The Road Home" or "A Hunter's Road" by Jim Fergus are great gifts

18:10 - Prois heated vest with a rechargeable battery pack... can you put a price on staying warm?

20:36 - A vacuumn-sealer! Game-changer in the kitchen

21:04 - Victorinox knives - super-sharp and not hugely expensive

23:20 - Funds feeling stretched? A hand-made coupon book is the bees' knees! You can offer two hours of processing... a single stiff pack-out for a friend... it's a symbol of the support and warmy-fuzziness of our hunting community

24:00- fishpond Piopod - a backcountry trash pack that packs around super easily. Who likes seeing fishing line on the river? (Also, who picks up that fishing line and finds it in their pocket days later?)

25:10 - Hunt to Eat... t-shirts, hoodies, kitchen gear, stickers! There's so much good stuff available from there. #huntergifttreasuretrove

Psst... you can also donate to Artemis! It's a great way to improve access to sporting for women and girls

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-Holiday music was Jazzy Bells from Dee Yan-Key at