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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Mar 18, 2021

Yana Robertson of Missoula, Montana, grew up in a traditional bowhunting household. Today she practices bushcraft and primitive skills when she's not in front of a computer running her fashion business, Feral Lyfe. Yana joins us to talk about backcountry survival, traditional bowhunting, and on how being a weirdo can be totally awesome.

2:00 Meet your local extension agent, folks

5:00 Families that smoke jerky together stay together [fist bump emoji]

7:00 Growing up in a traditional bowhunting family, and perpetuating that tradition with your own family, plus a little bushcraft & primitive survival fun on the side

9:30 Making awesome memories from those days when you don't bring home any meat... like the time a bull elk was so close it was almost within stabbing range... that's CLOSE

15:00 Learning traditional hunting from your grandma (plus baking, sewing, the works)

18:00 What does it mean to be a survivalist? It means to know your woods, your piece of nature, and be able to survive there if you have to. (Bushcraft and primitive skills are basically synonyms)

21:00 Where to start? Start small... know the plants around you, the trees

22:00 Serious versus fun... WHICH DO YOU WANT FIRST?!

23:00 You only get a handful of things to survive. What are they? Ferro rod, bow, embroidery kit, multitool, axe or saw, fishing line & hook, paracord. (Just kidding on the embroidery kit.)

28:00 Feral fashion freak? Eff yes.

30:00 Feral Lyfe on Insta, this is Yana's brand of clothes inspired entirely by the outdoors. Trout leggings... we all need them! The pandemic has made us leggings connoisseurs

35:00 Where do you meet your best buds? Events like brain-tanning extravaganzas

36:00 Psst... don't miss the hide-tanning episode with Charlotte Sykes: What about the hide?

42:00 Primitive period management... oh yeah, we're going there (Want more? Check out our "three Ps" episode on Pee, Poop & Periods: 3Ps with Anastasia Allison of Kulat Cloth)

47:00 Artemis and Feral Lyfe are doing a leggings giveaway! Check out Artemis and Feral Lyfe on Insta for the specifics. Also check out, or... even find Feral Lyfe on TikTok 

50:00 Idaho Trails Association women's only horse-packing clinic

54:00 Artemis made the 20 Rad Female-Led Outdoor podcasts list ... check us out  All the chest feathers are puffed right now

55:00 Turkey tactics... you can still get in on this! The first webinar was amazing. $5 gets you in the door. Register here.