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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Feb 3, 2022

Some state game departments, like Dr. Lindsey Long's, employ veterinarians to help monitor and assess the health of wildlife populations. Dr. Long tells us about her day job as a state wildlife vet, but also about the rest of her life -- becoming a hunter, becoming a bird dog owner, and what it's like to sedate a giraffe. Plus, canning meat, de-feathering ducks, and what happens when your dog gets caught in a head snare.

3:00 Pressure-canning your own meat... "I grew up in a canning family"

9:00 State wildlife agencies have veterinarians on staff... but why?

11:00 Michigan Ice Fest on the Upper Peninsula + ice climbing 101

13:00 Artemis episodes with the U.S. Women's Spearfishing Team: Kelsea Albert; Melody Engle

16:00 Vegetarian to vegan to hunter

17:00 The moment it all clicks for a bird dog... #magic

19:00 Llewellin setters

23:00 Wildlife health: "How do we maintain healthy populations now and into the future?"

29:00 Healthy habitat isn't always enough to sustain healthy wildlife... there's more to the story

36:00 Anesthetizing a giraffe

41:00 The intimacy of handling a wild animal while it's alive but sedated for science purposes

48:00 What are your local wildlife grappling with? Mange, hoof disease, CWD... a lot of useful tips on wildlife health come from hunters

51:00 Duck fat over butter, baby 

53:00 Best ways to de-feather ducks quickly... got a tip? Share it with us in the Artemis Facebook group 

56:00 Artemis episode on ruffed grouse

58:00 When your dog gets caught in a neck snare... pack those wire cutters

59:00 Artemis Ambassador applications for 2022 are open for a couple more days, closing on Feb.7