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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Jun 30, 2022

Kate Ahnstrom is a falconer, a bird-hunter, an avid wing-shooter, and an instructor for wing-shooting and sporting clays. She's also an amazing instructor who asks you about you and tailors her shooting lesson to what you have going on -- whether it's your gun-fit, your headspace, or something else. How many of us muddle along in something like bird hunting or wing-shooting without ever receiving instruction? Kate gives us a couple hot tips anyone can put to use.

2:00 Who has a freezer full of rats? #falconers

3:00 Falconry is a major lifestyle undertaking

4:00 Faces looking at you from the freezer 

6:00 Redtail hawks have a very low recruitment rate in the wild

8:00 Obtaining a bird for falconry; trapping falcons vs hawks

11:00 Raptor poop details: muting vs slicing

12:30 Goshawks

15:00 The "Winged Wisdom" podcast. Listen here!

16:00 Virginia Shooting Sports - a school for sporting clays and wing shooting

18:00 Demographics of sport shooting: it errs on the side of older, white, men…

22:00 When 20-somethings tell you, "You need to up your social media game"

24:00 The meandering path of an outdoorswoman, then... CLAYS! 

26:00 "I could not eat, breathe, and just sleep enough about clays and wing-shooting."

28:00 From clays only to live animals... it's a huge transition

31:00 Becoming an instructor/teacher of the things you love; Being a leader and a sharer

37:00 Three hot tips: 1) Stop looking at the gun, 2) Stop looking at your muzzle so much, and 3) Know what the bird is doing in front of you

38:00 "One inch of movement with two foot of steel at the end of your nose equates to an 8-foot swing out at 30 yards." (Translate: Birds can't outrun you... but they can best you.)

39:00 Gun fit and patterning... it matters 

42:00 Being "cross-dominant" is to have a dominant eye that's different from your dominant hand... and, the fix

48:00 Ashley's shooting book rec: "Core Archery: Shooting with Proper Back Tension" by Larry Wise

50:00 You're never too experienced to benefit from a class with a great instructor

52:00 Find a Paragon instructor near you at

56:00 #havegunswilltravel

57:00, also on Facebook @VirginiaShootingSports and Instagram @vashootingsports

59:00 Why have 1-2 bird dogs when you could have 5-6?

1:01 Chukar problems

1:02 July 14, 16, and 19 - Artemis Advocacy Training: Register here!