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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Dec 23, 2021

This week we dive into disturbance ecology, looking at whole-forest health by zeroing in on the ruffed grouse. Grouse populations in some areas have experienced stark declines in recent decades. Some scientists call ruffed grouse a bellwether species -- what's good for the grouse is generally good for the forest. We talk about the difference between preservation and conservation, the mosaic make-up of healthy forests, and the potential of forests to be carbon sinks.

2:00 The Ruffed Grouse Society on Facebook - @RuffedGrouseSociety, Twitter  - @rgs_aws, Instagram - @ruffedgrousesociety  
3:00 Artemis Tennessee Deer Camp… stay tuned for the full story!
4:30 Ashley Peters, @grouse.lady
6:00 R3 conference in Minnesota + other programs for getting women into hunting
7:00 Merry Grouse-mas!
10:00 “Glunting”… like glamping, but for hunting… “Glamor is relative”
12:00 In windy grouse hunting conditions it helps to use sight over scent
15:00 Grouse mating display & their bass-y drumming sound (OR, what European settlers puzzled over as some strange ghostly heartbeat of the land)
19:00 Grouse as a bellwether for whole forest health
20:00 “Conservation Is Behavior”
21:00 Ruffed grouse listed as a species of greatest concern in 19 states & a decline in diverse healthy forests
24:00 Healthy forests: A variety of age classes and species, which help bolster a forest’s resilience against threats like pests, drought, fire, etc
28:00 In places with fragmented land ownership, conservation goals depend on collaboration
33:00 If all the public lands in the U.S. were lumped together, how would it compare (in size) to other countries of the world? ....[insert jeopardy music]... it'd be the TENTH (hypothetical) largest country in the world
35:00 Forest disturbances then and now; Disturbance-dependent species like grouse
40:00 Grouse stay in a relatively small proximity for most their lives compared to most birds
41:00 "Managing the landscape in a mosaic is the gold standard"
44:00 Healthy forests... "You can't just plant a bunch of trees and walk away"
48:00 Grouse are challenged by low-snow years... "We're not going to plant our way out of this problem"
50:00 Carbon programs to fund forest programs
54:00 The decline of grouse and woodcock has spurred RGS to change how it does conservation on the ground and added a sense of urgency to habitat improvement projects
57:00 Gene flow is limited for species who don't wander far from home
59:00 Woodcock - listed as a species of greatest conservation need
1:02 Recovering America's Wildlife Act 

1:07 If you care about forests, do your research & learn as much as you can

1:10 Hunter and Angler's Guide to Climate Change

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