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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Aug 5, 2021

Kelsea Albert is on the U.S. Women's Spearfishing Team, which heads to Sardinia next month for the World Championships. This week on Artemis, she tells us how she got into the sport (it started with a freediving course), and how others can tap into the wonders of the ocean's bounty. 

1:00 Did you catch Brianne Lauro on Artemis this winter? Diving for Tako and the Value of Community Knowledge.

2:30 Ain't no bettah' fish than raw fish

6:00 Spearfishing for meaningful subsistence during school

7:00 To harvest it helps to really get to know the species

9:00 Want to get into spearfishing? Start with freediving (there's classes for this stuff, everyone!)

11:00 The hardest fish to wrangle underwater? Basically, anything with red meat... that fish is athletic

13:00 Taking a scientist's methodic approach to learning a new skill

17:00 Spearfishing myth busting: You don't need a boat to be able to go. A kayak works. So does a jetski. 

20:00 The wonderful solitude of a sunlit kelp bed... plus, the SOUND of fish

23:00 Tips for hunting sea bass

26:00 It's not about what you harvest, or what you take

27:00 Are some things too special for social media? (Or, do we protect what we love by NOT sharing it publicly?)

32:00 Spearfishing competitions

33:00 U.S. Women's Spearfishing Team headed to World's in Italy in September: World Spearfishing Championship 2021

38:00 Preparing to dive in the Mediterranean

39:00 Time underwater & cold- vs. warm-water conditioning

42:00 Shallow-water blackout

46:00 The headgame behind spearfishing (and life)

55:00 GoFundMe for women headed to the spearfishing world championship in Sardinia -

1:00 U.S. Women's Spearfishing Team on Insta @usa_spearfishing_womens_team and Facebook @USAWomensSpearfishingTeam

1:05 Age/weight have little to do with someone's aptitude for freediving

1:14 Becoming a mentor (or "old salty mermaid" in the ocean world)... mentorship is a serious relationship. Don't ask for it lightly, and don't say 'yes' frivolously