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Artemis endeavors to get more women in the field and on the water, to support women as leaders in the conservation movement, to ensure the vitality of our lands, waters, and wildlife. Artemis endeavors to change the face of conservation.

Jul 15, 2021

"You get one physical vehicle for your entire life." Our bodies help us do ALL the things outside -- fishing, hunting... even moseying. Artemis Ambassador Sara Camiscioni reminds us that our daily happiness is often directly related to how we feel in our bodies. On this episode, we talk about becoming a hunter, tree stands, whether rivers are changing, and the general pursuit of a strong, functional, confident life.

2:00 Moving to a new place and feeling like you nailed it: "It's everything I've ever wanted in terms of recreation and lifestyle blended together while still being able to run my business." 

3:30 Find Your Strong with Sara - a diet/exercise program for the athletic/adventurous (psst... that's us!) Plus, running a business the jives with who you are as a person

6:00 Fly-fishing as therapy

8:00 What fisher(wo)men notice about how rivers/fishing are changing in a changing climate... when did it become the norm for the season to go on hiatus for warm/low water? #newnorm?

11:00 What we look for in partners (... kind of!)

14:00 First hunt - antelope on cherished lands... plus, EMOTIONS! You feel like you can do anything... there's gratitude... there's depth. It's real out there

19:00 Randy Newberg... you need a sidekick?! 

22:00 Connecting to your food

25:00 Tree stands 101 - Do you bring the coffee? Do you pee?

29:00 SheWee? #shewont

31:00 Doe pee vs human pee

34:00 Cutting a hunt short to not have to process meat or exit in the dark... it's a tough decision

40:00 In pursuit of a strong, functional, confident life

43:00 Boating body? Even out those muscles! Casting a lot? Forearm strength. You'd be amazed how surgically you use your body in the outdoors

47:00 "You have ONE body. You have ONE physical vehicle for your entire life"... "Your daily happiness is linked to your physical body."

54:00 Changing your health isn't a one-stop-shop... it takes habits and change that you can keep up for a lifetime

55:00 Find Sara on Insta @findyourstrongwithsara, OR the Find Your Strong podcast

58:00 What you learn about someone when they tell you what their chickens are named

59:00 The YouTube channel you didn't know you needed... Italian grandmas making pasta: Pasta Grannies